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Accomplishments and Projects

Healthcare Information Systems professional Services Consulting and Implementation

  • Tulane Medical Center, Spohn Medical Center, Memorial Medical Center Jacksonville, Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta, Gwinnett Medical Center, Glen Falls Hospital, Deaconess Hospital of Cleveland, Mercy Health of Toledo and Eisenhower Medical Center.

Pharmaceutical Professional Services Consulting and Technology Support

  • Pfizer (Pharmacia), Novartis, Abbott Labs, Bayer, Sanofi-Aventis, KOS, Ventiv Health, & Perdue Pharma

Field Service Professional Services Consulting and Technology Support

  • Cox Communications, Time Warner Cable, The Home Depot, Missouri Gas Energy, WEHCO, Securitas, Ricoh Canada, BOSE, Cannon Canada, Emerson BP, DISH Networks, and Cable One

Managing Enterprise Business Transformation Cox Communication Projects

  • Project Manager for Cox Communications Field Service business transformation program. Implemented one (1) enterprise, consolidated standard solution that eliminated 21 unique (market specific) instances.  
  • Led organizational change efforts with customer executive for process changes, creation of change agents in 21 markets that resulted in end user adoption by 6000 field technicians. 
  • Established enterprise governance to managed enterprise solution. Project resulted in costs savings of ~$6M+.  Additionally, added a new business unit (Field Network) that increased annual ARR with 1000 new technicians and a $750K implementation project.

Managing Enterprise Business Transformation Per-Se Technologies Projects

  • Program director for Per-Se Technologies business transformation program that retired 6 legacy software products. Six (6) legacy systems were assimilated into the “go forward” MDIV solution. The deployment program standardized operating processes and created efficiencies across all divisions. 
  • Led the effort to create new technology features for parity in MDIV along with 120 new bi-directional interfaces for data transfer to/from hospitals with MDIV. 
  • Project resulted into a 46% IT cost savings reducing spend from $32M to $17M. The 46% savings in reductions were in resources, hardware costs, and software license fees. 

Managing Enterprise Business Transformation Dell Project

  • Built a dedicated, global support model for DELL’s global supply chain management process, which was their first (1st) cloud solution deployment.  

Managing Enterprise Business Transformation Inovis Project

  • Created and managed Inovis’ “Dial Tone Quality” customer experience program to improve customer satisfaction.  Program implemented new customer collaboration programs through new communication channels.  
  • Implemented a new call recording system to “listen” to the customer along with a new knowledge management system to “standardize” handling of issues.  New technology was paired with process changes and an employee satisfaction for motivation programs that lead to increased productivity and customer satisfaction.  
  • The program improved customer satisfaction ratings from 73% to 95+% (consistent) monthly average and net promoter score from 5 to 7.9.

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